Saturday, December 19, 2009

Funny Wedding Message Should I Add A 'FUNNY PICK-UP LINE' To This "WORD MESSAGE"....?

Should I add a 'FUNNY PICK-UP LINE' to this "WORD MESSAGE"....? - funny wedding message

I met a girl at the wedding of a friend about 1 month. My parents were also invited. This girl danced with me and my parents on the dance floor. He seemed interested. I danced with her for only a short time. I've tried to add as a friend on Facebook to add but they refused my request to 1 friend. I think not remember. I think that sends him to the "2nd message" Facebook Add another petition.

"Message 1"

"Hey, how u doin ?.... remember me? Is Brett. She met me and my parents dancing in her sister's wedding. I am a friend of Carl. It's great to see you on Facebook! Have a nice day on!


"Hey, remember me? Is board. We met at the wedding of Charles and Linda in Calgary. I was on the dance floor, which some of my favorite disco cool lol ..."


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