Friday, January 22, 2010

Aluminium Boat Building Torrent What's A Good Buyoancy Agent To Make My Boat Unsinkable?

What's a good buyoancy agent to make my boat unsinkable? - aluminium boat building torrent

I am building a boat ride later in brushed aluminum in the Port of Otago (New Zealand), 4 meters long, 39-hp, enclosed cab, two inmates.
I want to make this boat unsinkable, and have plenty of unused space that the plan was wrapped in aluminum foil and fill with a staff of buoyancy.
Most boat builders foam. But I fear it will shrink over the years. I want something more sustainable use. But I do not find anything worth buying - I am the table now?
Would some advice if you have any. Thank you.


mark t said...

the use of foam in two parts. Fill all holes in the hull, if votes are not shrinking. However, one thing you need to remember it. If you have a crack in the hull, you do not need for welding soldering in a position because you put the foam on the fire. The best thing is the steel structure not built in fan. Good luck chap.

rutager said...

Closed cell foam custom retractable, waterproof and strong as can be lowered to remove the form, light and easy to use, for maintenance
is the logical choice must be 10 years from this

ibeboati... said...

Search air bubbles for maritime use. Most of the buoyancy of the ball. Removable for future repairs. Wide open spaces: You need to adjust fuel for large bubbles / water. Play ping-pong? Maybe.

tweed801 said...

Dry Dock.

tweed801 said...

Dry Dock.

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