Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tiffany And Co Christmas Ornaments I Own A Tiffany And Co Choker Which I Got 2 Christmas's Ago!?

I own a tiffany and co choker which i got 2 christmas's ago!? - tiffany and co christmas ornaments

a necklace made her heart double fastenin in the bar. Tiffany and Co records included in both the heart and includin District No. 925, of two hearts! I find this thing to know that their actions do not fade, old or wrong! X has a friend and seein me, if someone could tell me to do or go where is real in this chain? Fiona xxx


peanuttp... said...

Toggle I work for the TCO for many years and have never heard a double heart necklace (toggle = "T-bar trend," as you say). Sorry, but when it comes with a bag, box and bag, does not always mean it is genuine. There are people who are really good copy products TCO. If your ex bought in a shop in TCO, the file remains in the system. You can try to work any store and ask them to check their registration, as they replace the chain you want to lose - Some people give you this information, some not, for security reasons .... But honestly, that's certainly not real choker.

emma lynn ツ said...

Yes:) It is true, everything with the box and the bag is genuine. If your friend did you know that ... I'm so jealous: (

Pebbles said...

Is it in the box from Tiffany? And the band Lil?

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