Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rabbit Slippers How Do I Stop My Rabbit From Eating Rubber Thongs And Biting My Neighbour On The Legs?

How do I stop my rabbit from eating rubber thongs and biting my neighbour on the legs? - rabbit slippers

My life outside rabbits lol 2 terraces and spoil both. He loves his neighbor and welcome each of his morning.She knocking him to speak, but when he hangs his laundry shes chewing strips on the feet and sometimes bite their legs? Why is he? Should I be castrated? It is only 6 months of age desexing all calm down. In addition to being kept a large rabbit and lots of fun in bulk in the back yard with some guinea pigs in cages him company. Please help me !!!!! He grabs my neighbors, use the shoes, if I really care to their damage only now it is 71 years


Lee said...

He wants all the attention. It should be neutered if you can help 100 percent. He is a man, and that's what they do when reading (the impact is called) does not know he was hurt quite OK.

paul6733... said...

I have often commented on a Python or a coyote, but not in your case.

was obtained corrected, will reduce their aggressiveness. Perhaps the fix is obtained, and a rabbit. Good luck.

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