Thursday, January 28, 2010

Metalcore Drum Set Can I Get Some Names Of Good Drum Sets?

Can I get some names of good drum sets? - metalcore drum set

Hey ... I need a few names of good battery, and links.

I was not really looking for, but I have not played long, you probably need to start something easy.

I am a bit that is too short on money / space (I need about 30 boxes Paert Tom Niel).

I need feedback decent meals, and perhaps a low affordable (especially me) metalcore and punk.

Thank you.


(insert comical name) said...


AM. said...

Why do baby names that question? lol
Butttt not sure whether your question. I have no idea how to search through the Internet.

fαя∂яєαм... said...


Dimples9... said...

Sorry dude wrong section

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