Monday, November 9, 2009

Cervical Mucus Before Menstruation I Have Regular Menstration,there's A Possibilities That I Ovulate 9 Days Before My Next Menstruation?

I have regular menstration,there's a possibilities that i ovulate 9 days before my next menstruation? - cervical mucus before menstruation

Bec. I feel like the day of egg white cervical mucus my next period 24.08 in October.


Kris said...

I try to use indicators of ovulation.
If you (a short luteal phase of ovulation for the first day of your period), then you probably have a problem becoming pregnant.

You can get the protein, such as cervical mucus / fluid near its end. The really not a safe place of ovulation. It should be read in conjunction with charting your basal body temperature and / or ovulation predictors are used.

If you have predictors of ovulation in some cycles, and smells like a short luteal phase (less than 11 days), then I would go to the doctor. If this help is the case, then you probably do not produce enough progesterone in pregnancy and progesterone supplements and / or drugs such as Clomid can be maintained.

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