Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cube Field Digital Inverse Cube Gravity Field?

Inverse cube gravity field? - cube field digital

I once heard that when the sun is a gravitational inverse cube of the earth created quickly spiral into it. Why is the sun, that is?


AresIV said...

Gravity is a force field defined by an inverse square. The more you to the source, the weaker gravitational attraction. With the square, which is twice the distance from the gravity divided by 4.

Now would be if there is an inverse cube field at the Sun have even less to throw the bodies in our solar system. And if you change suddenly from one day (not), and everything else stayed the same (including the orbital velocity of the Earth report). The Earth is probably from direct sunlight when the speed exceeds the escape velocity (do not feel like seeing the calculations the feeling that if thats true.) But if the earth did not achieve escape velocity of this train would then in fact in a to develop low orbit around the sun. (The closer you are faster than necessary to keep the focus to the orbit, said the railway.)

In an area where the inverse distance cube is divided double attraction of gravity 8th

ozzie35a... said...

As arwyawen said ....... inverse cube field gravitational field is very low. The sun will not last in a position to the earth as it is, given the current orbital velocity. Gravity is an order of magnitude too weak to stand on the planet, would fly to the planet's orbit.

It would also be far-reaching consequences for many other things such as star formation and evolution, general expansion of clusters of galaxies, etc., etc. Without going into detail, much of what we see, if not all, do not exist, if we have a inverse cube had a gravitational field.

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