Friday, November 6, 2009

Maker All Softwell Download How To Show All Pictures On Movie Maker For A Certain Amount Of Time?

How to show all pictures on movie maker for a certain amount of time? - maker all softwell download

I know how to adjust the time each image is the personal opinion of the director, and I know you can go to Tools> Options and then set the time for all of them, but you must restart the filmmakers take effect, and all the photo in the timeline again. Is it possible that I may be the duration of all images at once, after I change all my photos?



Helping Hand said...

You can change the default settings after the media on the runway. You have to start something new.

> Click on Tools, Options, tab "Advanced"
> Adjust Image / time of transition as you want

Do not forget the ability to reset after the completion of the project or the setting is for future projects.

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