Thursday, November 5, 2009

Successful Atomic Wedgie On A Girl What Are Ways Germany Could Have Won WW2?

What are ways Germany could have won WW2? - successful atomic wedgie on a girl

I would ask the people's opinion that Germany had the victory in the war can we do?

If the way they won the strategic plan was the acquisition of the British, they managed to pull Russia beyond the Urals to get out if they are sabotaged before the bombing of contracts made by the Allies, or simply when one of his top Generals in the present D-Day in Normandy to the Allied push into the sea

And what would happen after he won?


Steve said...

Germany has committed several serious mistakes. First, it should have in England in 1940 or early 1941 instead of the Soviet Union fell. Britain was weak at the time, was prepared for the war and could have won. They already had an alliance with the Soviet Union, and they should have saved. The Soviet Union was a country too big and too difficult to manage.

If England had fallen, was very difficult for the Americans as the start of the invasion of Normandy up to. After England had fallen to attach to the development of weapons that would have even more than the atomic bomb, missiles and jet aircraft have.

Like all tyrants and dictators in the past, Hitler was too greedy, and ultimately the price paid.

cmy2434 said...

I think that was his first big mistake to make the Russians. Thus, a second front, that the military would have to fight (and only very few countries have carried out a successful war against 2, with the exception of the United States! :-)

The next problem, I believe that Hitler was in command many units fighting elite, and used it as its own farmers. Had he been less selfish, and in view of his general, these elite units, which have been subjected to a good cause, turning the tide in many battles. Moreover, the fact is that Hitler held grudges, replacing some brilliant generals, not incompetence.

If they had won would be, we all speak German and most of the world is full of exotic cultures without :-(.

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