Friday, November 6, 2009

Free Legal Phtc How Do I Get Some Free Legal Advice Fast Here In South Florida?

How do i get some free legal advice Fast here in south florida? - free legal phtc

I called about 5 law firms and was a little rough. Can I free legal advice on my last question? I do not qualify for legal aid.


beccasmo... said...

Try is an open forum for legal advice. Someone who can help.

goz1111 said...

Change the lock will help you out of yourself and is illegal in all states, accused the landlord has to order the evacuation process and only a court can force you to leave

If you have little or no money would help hard to find, try to see the best odds of local law schools if you have programs where law students in the third year under the guidance of Professor of individuals, "a law that you need help

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