Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gonorrhea More Condition_symptoms Can Gonorrhea Lay Dormant In Your Body For 18 Month Or More?

Can gonorrhea lay dormant in your body for 18 month or more? - gonorrhea more condition_symptoms

How long does it take for gonorrhea to your car once a show in contact with him,


The mom said...

The symptoms appear usually within 2-5 days after exposure, if you have any symptoms at. Some people have nothing to smell and she said: "STD". In women, infection can be confused with mild irritation of the vagina, or even a bladder infection. Most women have no real symptoms, and a number of people either. And sometimes it can be a month or more for the things that you suspect that there is a problem. These are some reasons why he is always there to scatter about. Many women do not pursue until it is developing PID and cultures are the cause of gonorrhea, or demanding plants in a routine Pap test. Asymptomatic people can not be detected until they epididymitis and cultures in the name of the offender. Until then you can not say how long they have been infected, and was in a tragic way, all partners are also likely to be infected. Regardless of when acquired, which can be treated, but resistant strains. Usually,In addition, testing and treatment of chlamydia at the same time that the two infections are often found together. Gonorrhea was not dormant for 18 months, no. No problem I can see that your attention has so far caught, or was, long before other evidence seized. Sorry if you took.

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