Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pinky Weight Gain Weight Problems?

Weight problems? - pinky weight gain

Hello everyone I encounter problems. I am a girl of sixteen, the 5'2 and weighs about 85 pounds. I just started PE at school and we have to weigh every week to watch our progress. I'm pretty out of shape and the teacher always makes me laugh too tired too quickly. And yes, all the other kids in my class that I'm anorexic, I'm not, I'm happy with my body image, I do not think I need to lose or gain weight. I want a girl usually "little bones" when you do. I have the thumb and little finger around my wrist and knee. What should I do? I was never aware of until this class? If they are right, I gain weight, if so, how?


Bradley said...

you're probably tired because they eat Arent enough. You do not necessarily gain weight, eat more, and it worked. but honestly, is 85 pounds underweight.

ƒคT νєğαи~ said...

Check ur simulator BMI Body Mass Index of the Internet and see if ur a healthy weight ... If not, than eating more protein and carbohydrates with a GOOD assembling saturated fatty acids are not piimples U:

= Beans on toast
= Peanut Butter
= Pasta with Pesto
Hummus = Usual Ryvita

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