Thursday, February 11, 2010

B Onw Myifbn In Cat Exam How Many Questions Have To Be Answered For 99.9 Percentile?

In Cat exam how many questions have to be answered for 99.9 percentile? - b onw myifbn

In general, for the 99.9-percentile is the Wat N. No problems, the 2 b answered correctly? Evry varies year I KNW BT I know that the sum of N ????? No onw pls help me ....... Thank U. .....


Talal.g@... said...

With the dust deposits in the CAT 2008, all eyes are set on the next targets, the next steps. Some of you reading this email and your luggage, a new phase of their lives seeking to start on campus. We wish you much luck and success in your new adventure! For those who may not choose to abandon his dream of MBA institutes for their sought-after, I would say that if you have a dream, then he / she does not waver and will do just that! Thus, we reject the IOC are proud of you and we are confident that will work all who are willing to probably hard to realize his dream. And finally, would be for those who come aboard for the first time, I say it is one of the most exciting courses and enrich your life!

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Cat 2008 Q19, Set 111: Two CIci rcles two radii of 1 cm press, so that the level of the individual through the center of the circle of others. What is the area (in square centimeters) of the crossing area?
Guess IOC P21 paper: The distance between the centers of two circles is equal to r. The circles have a radius of r. The area of overlap between the two circles are:
Very high degree of similarity between the questions on the quantitative section (8 of 25 questions Matching), and sections of the Comintern. Judge to be similar to:
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Talal Kamal

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