Monday, February 15, 2010

Poptropica How To Get A Bazooka How Do I Get The Locker Open In Poptropica?

How do i get the locker open in Poptropica? - poptropica how to get a bazooka

I can not open the cabinet on Big Nate Iceland, as a comedian has solved the riddle. The association maintains 9305th Can I continue to criminal buttocks and my avatar. I do not know the combination.
What should I do? Give me a detailed answer.You you get 30 points for the best. If this is not the best, you get 20 points.


☹Twilight Sucks☹ said...

Do you have any comics for comics? There is a lighthouse, three schools, one in the playground and three in the main street. then go to the people in the local store and you can keep, then go to the ticket. Then click on the pile of papers and then go into the science lab and the addition of chemicals, blue and yellow again to 4 and has a stink bomb. Blow to the rubber room and go to detention. caused a stink bomb, then go into the Cabinet. down and out then left at the lights. proceed to discuss the child to go on the instruments and the ring of the bell.

Go through the hole to "How can I beat Nate to see big" and too.

Irish Carbomber said...

Go to school. Go into your inventory and select "use" in the gums. Your character of chewing gum. Ms Godfrey will take you to the lockup. Click on your inventory and select "use" the stink bomb. Mrs. Godfrey missed. Leave the lockup. Click Locker.Click weigh up in the first row in the lock "9" is below the arrow. Do the same for the other lines to a "9305" as a combination. A disaster is removed from the ticket. Click on the show. You will receive a school project. Enter the detention room and click on the filer. At the bottom, click on "Power" to receive the beating of the bell, leave the secret room, and leave the school. Go to the top of the school and click on the inventory. Select "Use" at orand hitting the bell. Anyone who enters the school bell.

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