Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Does Star 68 Mean I Would Love Some Astrological Insight?

I would love some astrological insight? - what does star 68 mean

LOL Guess I'm bored. If someone like to do something for the people of astrology here is my information, I can say about me?:

Birthdate: 12/27/72 Time: 10:27 Location: Natick MA

My friend (if you tell me about our relationship to the stars)

Birthdate: 09/27/68 Time: 1:22 Location: Nevada City, CA

Thank you! Hey, it's for fun, there is no reason to say, and bad comments! Thank you!


Anon e Mouse said...

You are calm and serene and optimistic.
They are ambitious, aggressive and determined.
You are a friend of the children.

Can not Get Any friend have just read.
Please try again later.

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