Thursday, February 4, 2010

Write New Baby Boy Card What Can I Write On A Card For The Birth Of A Baby Boy?

What can I write on a card for the birth of a baby boy? - write new baby boy card

My brother-in-law and his wife just had a baby. What am I supposed to write a card "Welcome"? I'm not English, so we need your help


lyndseyb... said...

1 of the purchase card "child"

Then write a message from the heart

something like this:
To (name) (name), congratulations on the birth of her son. I hope he brings many years of happiness to see her grow.

This is only a sample to sit and think about what you mean, but a "welcome" card to buy the card is bad, by birth or a new baby

kitty76 said...

Congratulations (name, mothers and fathers name) on the birth of their baby (Boys East) love and happiness for the future of love (your name) xxx

Ollie said...

Congratulations on the birth of his son.

Nida said...

Congratulations on the birth of a child lttle Cutey!

Mark P. said...

Oh, English?

Jolly Days Cap! They have a bouncing baby boy bastard, Salud!

Samm said...

Merry wishes for the birth of their baby Mary.

Many of joy for a wonderful life.

alfie harry born 27/06/08 said...

congratulations on your bundle of joy.
Congratulations on your baby
I hope that you will bring the love and Loys happinness

nooka said...

Congratulations! and? (Mom and Dad's name) on the safe arrival? (Name of child).
Welcome to the world? (Name of child)
Hope this helps, obviously not put a question mark, only the most important names.

guidings... said...

This is a short note to say welcome to the newcomers. Child takes the shine of hope and happiness in your life. Loads of love and kisses for cuddules sweet angel ..

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