Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Companies That Can Use Electricians What Kind Of Gloves Are Recommended For Electricians?

What kind of gloves are recommended for electricians? - companies that can use electricians

I have some wiring for me, but I do not feel comfortable with the gloves that I wear, especially in the use of duct tape.

I know that I do is the best, the switch can be cut, but what if they deal with a cable from the utility company?


josh m said...

I am a licensed electrician, and I agree ...... Always disconnect power before working on each route. Never work on something hot, unless there is another option. Take the time to turn the safety switch or swith off! Never the lines of benefits, under any circumstances. The gloves are permitted only if the droplets are isolated in direct service or through the Services page, rubber gloves, leather jackets or nylon street or other hard surface materials. They are quite expensive u0026lt \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\; few hundred dollars less, and must be regularly checked for holes, cracks or other damage. They do not work on all of life, because you have security!

ZORCH said...

Visit the website for the accident report on the incident at the Stanford Linear Accelerator. The conclusion was that someone was seriously injured, gloves and protective equipment, but since there would be no objection to the researchers at Stanford University, close to the circuit and it's cool. Therefore, make sure that the stretch is "cool course" switch off. So, if you can, use some kind of cheap neon circuit tester to make sure that the route is very cold and some other hobby electrician accidentally created a medium aftertaste on the same lines.

Jackolan... said...

Electricians generally not wear gloves. from the juice in
Main Menu. W hen you do not know, do not start with this work to fool. The cable, which you should work
to be in residence, not the rod, the Main area.
Personally, if I were you, I would like help from someone with
Experience. And never, never in a building with an extension .........

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