Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cost Of Rebuilding A House;canada Cost Of Rebuilding A Residential Roof?

Cost of rebuilding a residential roof? - cost of rebuilding a house;canada

We start at (the ceiling of a flat tar and gravel at this time) and install a new roof, with notes and a different roof line. We will probably have an average style tile roof. Who knows what would be a good estimate of the total labor and material to do when he was a licensed contractor do the work? The house is approximately 1,600 square feet on a plot of 5500 square meters.
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uknowme said...

My house is about the same size. Home Depot has 3 Estimates of the shingles of varying quality, between 10 to $ 12,000. $ 79 per sheet of plywood will be replaced in May.

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